Digital Gift Card Popularity Grows

This article highlights a growing trend we love: digital and mobile gift card interest. Check out the details to see the crazy high number of consumers who have purchased gift cards through digital/mobile channels. Especially take note of the high rate of interest in younger demographics. If you are a business owner or are in a position to utilize digital/mobile gift cards for your brand, take a minute to check out this article.

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When It Comes to Paying, Nearly Half of Americans Reach for Gift Cards

This cool article comes from a provider and shows the high portion of consumers that use newer digital and pre-paid payment methods. What is even more interesting is that the older methods seem to be declining. Check out the numbers in this article to get some insight into how people are paying for the things they love.

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CashStar and Raise Partner to Help Merchants Participate in Digital Gift Card Marketplace

CashStar is a huge player in prepaid solutions and Raise is one of the largest gift card marketplaces. With their powers combined, they apparently plan to increase their reach and bring discount gift cards to more people through new channels. Check out the details.

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Get $300 gift card at Target with iPhone upgrade

Target is offering a great special on iPhones for new customers with on of 3 different carriers. Act fast though, the $300 Target Gift Card you get is only available for a week.

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Why Small Businesses Should Include Gift Cards In Their Marketing Strategy

This is a great read especially for small business owners. The article covers everything from reaching more customers with your brand to positioning your small business to take advantage of major gifting occasions. Take some notes and maybe you can use gift cards as a tool to grow your small business.

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Check here for info on how to use their gift cards, check your gift card balance and save money:

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